Why Choose Us

Our business model runs on the proven function that investment in human capital and innovation results in efficiency.
  • Our vast expertise ashore
    Our people are our greatest asset and we have assembled a team of dedicated, independently-minded professionals with extensive technical, operating and strategic expertise. The strength, depth and diversity of our team enable the company to pursue sustainable growth with great flexibility, while ensuring operational efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • Our skilled crew onboard
    But no matter how good we can be ashore, our Crew on board makes the difference. They are the backbone of proper and safe operation of the global fleet which is responsible for almost 90% of world trade. We enjoy the trust of long serving seamen who have been tested, trained and have been loyal for many years. Read more
  • Our proven track record
    We run the vessels at very competitive average daily operating expenses, by optimizing our procurement strategy and execution which along with our experienced crew onboard keep costs at a minimum, without compromising our quality standards. In addition, our excellent commercial contacts with first class counterparts, offer attractive deals and employment opportunities for the vessels entrusted in our management.
  • Our transparent modus operandi
    We engage in an active relationship with shipowners with regular financial reporting and even live streaming of vessels. Our target is to offer a level of service that makes our clients feel comfortable and reassured as if they had their vessels managed in-house.